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Our Services

Ark-La-Tex Surveying is a full service land surveying and mapping company.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide, contact us for full details:

Our coverage area

Please call for more information about these or other surveying services.

  • Boundary/  Lot Survey - locate / set property corners, provide plat and field note

  • ​Title Survey - locate / set property corners, survey improvements, visible and observed utilities, easements and rights-of-way, prepare plat and field notes (if required)

  • Subdivisions - subdivide a tract of land for new development; prepare plat for submission to government entity (county or city)

  • Family Partition / Court Ordered Partition - subdivide family land into separate parcels for individual ownership for each heir

  • Topographic / Engineering Design Surveys - survey tract to provide topographic/ elevation information for architectural or engineering applications

  • Construction Surveying - stake out for construction

  • Elevation Certificates - provide FEMA elevation certificate for specified structure(s) or site

  • ALTA / ACSM Title Survey - provide survey per specified requirments

  • Oil and Gas - location staking, surface uses, unit surveying and route surveying



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